let peace prevail

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My focus is to provide a safe place to express your thoughts and feelings in an effort to dissipate hurt and reduce anger. Through a personalized and supportive approach, we will discuss your situation and provide support and assistance to individuals and families facing difficult circumstances. I lived through a complicated divorce, where every decision was determined by lawyers and court hearings. I have witnessed the impact on each family member and I truly believe there are better ways to work through conflict.

My empathy is heartfelt and genuine. I remember sitting on a bench in the hallway outside a court room realizing that a person in a black robe, whom I had never met, was going to make an important decision about my family. This moment changed me forever, convincing me the court room was no place to plan a family’s future. My passion is to help every family member, together or one at a time. Together, we can appreciate differences, resolve issues with creative solutions, and develop a customized plan which will benefit every family member. As you will discover reading through this website, my purpose is to provide support, helping you to recognize your strengths and utilize techniques designed to empower you to set goals and make plans. The pace of the process and all the decisions are yours.

Danette Perry, MBA, MSW, LSW
Therapist, Mediator, Parent Coordinator, Collaborative Law Coach and Child Specialist, and Divorce Coach: specializing in alternative dispute resolution.

Danette listens compassionately to your story and is able to highlight personal strengths to build on.  Her passion for building a great life is contagious.  She helped me to heal, find my former self and plan a future I believed in.


Danette’s approach is collaborative.  Contrary to an attorney that is hired by one party to represent them, Danette strikes a balance in the interest of both parties and finds a mutually agreeable position.


I love Danette’s approach.  She’s very kind and comes across as very understanding and personable.  She has capabilities to see through the problem and has a calm temperament to listen to problems without getting exasperated.  Very compassionate.