My Approach

I am focused on providing support and assistance to individuals and families facing difficult circumstances. Having lived through a complicated divorce where every decision was determined by lawyers and judges through court hearings, I have witnessed first-hand the destructive impact on family members and believe there are healthier ways to manage change without stimulating conflict. My empathy is heartfelt and genuine. I remember sitting on a bench in the hallway outside a courtroom, realizing that a man in a black robe, whom I had never met, was going to make an important decision about my child. This moment changed me forever, convincing me the courtroom was no place to make decisions about children. Parents, no matter how they feel about each other, should plan for their children’s future. I am committed to providing the environment and the process where parents can determine the best choices for their children.

As a divorced parent myself, my research has centered on children and their reaction to divorce. The statistics are staggering: each year, about 28% of children affected by divorce will suffer adjustment issues such as grief, depression, acting out, violent outbursts, dropping out of activities or school, and avoiding friendships. Basically, children mimic their parents’ behaviors. Because there are now plenty of adults who grew up within divorced families, we can benefit from their feedback. They voice one consistent wish: they wished their parents would stop fighting. My goal is to reduce family conflict, one child, one set of parents, and one family at a time.

Conflict and chaos cause irreparable damage to children. In response, I offer a variety of services introducing alternatives to parents. My practice includes counseling, mediation, parenting coordination, coaching and a variety of educational programs all intended to support families experiencing trauma and conflict. My goal is to resolve issues and help parents create a loving, nurturing environment for their children, no matter the living arrangements.

Minimizing the children’s suffering during and after the divorce process is possible. Parents in conflict can utilize the situation as a catalyst to improve themselves, take responsibility for their actions, and focus on providing a loving environment for their children. I provide a safe and secure environment for parents to air their grievances, explore resolution options, and renegotiate the continuing relationship. Each person is empowered to believe they have the option to make decisions and design their future. My goal is to encourage each client to learn from the past, set appropriate expectations for the present, and develop a plan aspiring to achieve their optimistic goals for their future.

Together, we can appreciate differences, resolve issues with creative solutions, and develop a customized plan which will benefit every family member.