Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Therapy presents the opportunity to reflect on your life. In this fast-paced world, challenges arise, some overwhelming, but often we are just too busy to consider our options objectively. Therapy provides a quiet and empathetic environment to review your life and make conscious decisions about your future. Complex relationships are analyzed and simplified to understand their dynamics and their affect on your life. Through encouragement and the process, you determine areas of your life which would benefit from a change in perspective or behavior. During the therapeutic relationship, plans are developed to ensure success. Focus is on your strengths, empowering you to determine your own destiny.

Parenting Coordination

Divorce usually occurs when a couple no longer gets along. When conflict is serious it may negatively affect the children and their lives. When parents cannot communicate without arguing, it is time to consider a Parenting Coordinator (PC). By order or by agreement, a PC will work with the parents to define a co-parenting agreement and work out any detail necessary, until the couple can move the focus from each other to the children. The goal is to assist the parents to provide two loving and nurturing homes with a harmonious bridge between them.


Litigation is not appropriate for everyone. Any issue can be discussed and resolved through mediation. A mediator is a non-partial participant, assisting to establish goals and providing a process to achieve them. The mediator will keep the tone of the negotiations civil and highlight areas of agreement. The mediator will attempt to diffuse anger and focus negotiations on the future.

Collaborative Law Coach and Child Specialist

Collaborative Law is a process involving a team of professionals working towards a divorce agreement. Each adult is represented by an attorney who is focused on negotiating a settlement and parenting plan. A Coach acts as the moderator, keeping discussions focused and facilitating negotiation. The Child Specialist represents the children’s best interests during the settlement meetings.

Divorce Coach

Deciding to divorce is a huge, life altering decision which is complicated by the number of alternatives available. During this emotionally charged time, it is helpful to speak with a coach, who will listen to your story and offer suggestions to achieve your goals. A Divorce Coach has experience with each process and will present an accurate picture, outlining the steps and estimating the costs associated with each option. You will then have the information to make an informed decision, allowing you to proceed with confidence and realistic expectations.