Testimonials about Danette Perry

Danette Perry has a unique skill in bringing common sense and a spirit of cooperation to a difficult situation. She brings unique ability to show compassion for all parties involved yet ensure that sincere efforts are made toward reaching a common goal. Her skills defuse potentially tough situations while holding each person accountable for reaching a healthy resolution. –ML

I truly value Danette’s caring and Christian perspective on easing the burdens placed on her client’s shoulders as a result of divorce. May God forever bless individuals like Ms. Perry who unselfishly give of their time and attention to offer much needed support and comfort to those in need. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’ – Matthew 5:9 –MH

Danette’s approach is collaborative.  Contrary to an attorney that is hired by one party to represent them, Danette strikes a balance in the interest of both parties and finds a mutually agreeable position.–MM

Danette listens compassionately to your story and is able to highlight personal strengths to build on.  Her passion for building a great life is contagious.  She helped me to heal, find my former self and plan a future I believed in. –BH

I love Danette’s approach.  She’s very kind and comes across as very understanding and personable.  She has capabilities to see through the problem and has a calm temperament to listen to problems without getting exasperated.  Very compassionate. –KF

Her strengths are to remain calm, unbiased; has great listening skills and the ability to soften an otherwise painful situation.  Has the ability to clarify and make the person see the other side of the conversation which the party often does not see when in conflicting situations.  Is very good at picking the positive qualities of a person highlighting those. I think she is wonderful and makes for a great marriage counselor. –UM

Danette is instrumental in providing a very accepting and supportive environment.  She is one of the nicest and most compassionate women I have met in my life.  Her warmth, patience, and caring are very healing.  The other quality I admire about Danette is her concern for children, who are the innocent victims of divorce.  She is a true advocate of children and families.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for hope, help and light in the difficult moments we encounter in our life journey. –OS

Danette’s approach is very friendly and flexible, without restrictions. She allows the clients to have a position in the process as to how fast or slow they need the mediation process to go. Danette’s strength is in her ability to crunch the numbers, and help clients she seres with her financial background. The ability she has to capture the essence of the conversation and prepare it into a document, as discussed by her and the client, making sure everyone is in agreement before final drafts. I would recommend Danette to others because of the professionalism that she can bring to two people that are opting for a divorce in a civil manner.